9 more hours to go

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Person S was at the office and he gets a call from person P asking to come home early as movers have arrived to unload their household goods.

Person S quickly makes his move. After everything was over, they were relaxed and having their dinner and side table talk and person P asked person S how his day at the office was and in reply person S said not much work as the project will start after few months.

Finally, the day was about to get over and Person S gets a message from a person M (Micromanaging) and it reads as “how many hours did you put in”, in reply to that Person S replied 8 hours and the conversation continued and another message pop up saying “make sure you do your 9 hours and then leave”. Next day person S gets an email along with the entire team where person M has mentioned 9 hours of work to everyone.

Person S (knew it was for him) so he justified replying to that email (removing everyone) stating that a particular day he needed to leave an hour early along with the reason. Person M is well aware of the fact that the team has not much work.

Person S who recently joined already knew it in his mind that it was time to start planning his exit strategy and he quits just after a few months, not just because of this single incident but series of them which happened over a period of time.

Is it necessary to sit for 9 hours just to complete the working hours even when there is not enough work for the day?

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